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POLY2 Polyfunctional polymeric Materials


Polyfunctional Polymeric Materials (POLY2) is a consolidated research group as certified by the Catalan government (SGR-2014-1495). It comprises 10 postdoctoral researchers and 6 predoctoral researchers. Its activities take place in the CMEM's laboratories and at the Catalan Plastics Centre in Terrassa.

Its research focuses on the development of polymeric materials with sets of properties that give them structural and other non-mechanical functionalities that are based on increased transport properties. These new materials can satisfy strict technical requirements in the transport, aerospace, packaging, electrical and electronic sectors, for example.

POLY2 channels its research towards new and increasingly complex polymer products, in which there is growing interest for new applications and technologies. With the aim of generating new knowledge and transferring technology, the group works on several research lines with different types of products: compact materials (films, layers, pieces), cellular materials (foams, aerogels and membranes) and their composition, processing, structure and shape, properties, service behaviour and recycling.


Prof. José Ignacio Velasco
Department of Materials Science and Engineering 
Terrassa School of Industrial, Aerospace and Audiovisual Engineering (ESEIAAT)
C. Colom 11, E-08222, Terrassa
Tel. 937837022

Catalan Plastics Center
C. Colom 114, E-08222, Terrassa
Tel. 937837022