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e-PLASCOM Plastics and Ecological Composites

e-PLASCOM carries out research in the science and technology of plastic and composite materials and studies processing-structure-property relationships. Its general aim is to reduce the environmental impact of plastic products through the use of recycled or renewable raw materials and sustainable manufacturing technologies. 

 Its strategic aims are focused on three areas:

 Area 1-Materials: Research on natural, biobased and/or biodegradable polymers. Loads and natural fibres (at micro- and nanoscales). Thermal, mechanical and rheological characterisation of these materials.

 Area 2-Design, processing and in-service behaviour: Application of ecodesign concepts and manufacturing using new thermoplastic processing technologies, with an emphasis on reducing the weight of components.

 Area 3-Plastic waste: Study of recycling and recovery of plastic waste.

 As members of the e-PLASCOM group, we have been working together on competitive projects related to bioplastics and their industrial applications. We have also worked intensively on technology transfer to businesses in the sector, including carrying out research, development and innovation projects on plastic recycling, waste recovery and weight reduction of components for the automotive industry.


Coordinating professor:Maria Lluïsa Maspoch 93 4016710

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