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The CIEFMA is a consolidated research group of the UPC that carries out basic and applied research in the fields of structural integrity, micromechanics and the reliability of materials in engineering. The CIEFMA's defining characteristics are (1) expert assessment and knowledge of the mechanical integrity and reliability of materials (zirconia-based ceramics, stainless and high-strength steel, Ti-based alloys, ceramic-metal compounds, and particularly cemented carbides and hard coatings) at different length scales and (2) the potential for implementing advanced processes for optimising the microstructural design and/or functionality of specific systems of materials. Within this framework, the CIEFMA carries out activities based on excellence in research, internationalisation and effective knowledge transfer—its cross- disciplinary cornerstones—and its approach is multidisciplinary and intersectorial. The research areas that it concentrates its efforts on are the following: (1) maintenance of the structural integrity of engineering materials in service conditions, including the joining of structures; (2) mechanical behaviour of advanced ceramics and compounds, at both room temperature and high temperatures; (3) microstructural design of metal alloys processed in different production routings; (4) assessment and knowledge of surface degradation phenomena, including changes induced by contact loading and thermal and environmental exposure; and (5) micromechanics and nanomechanics of materials, both at the mass level and in thin layers.


Contact details of the person in charge of the CIEFMA research group

Luis Llanes




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