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Biomaterials, Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering

The Biomaterials, Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering Group (BBT) focuses on the design, development, functionalisation and characterisation of new biomaterials for the regeneration and/or functional repair of tissues and organs. Its aim is inherently interdisciplinary, since it brings together two distinct areas of knowledge: materials science and biomedicine. This is reflected in the composition of the research group, which is made up of around 30 researchers whose backgrounds, in engineering, chemistry, physics, biomedicine, biology and other fields, are diverse yet complementary.

The BBT's activity focuses on carrying out high-level research and promoting the transfer of knowledge to industry and agents in the biomedical sector. Its services include characterisation techniques (physical chemistry, mechanics, biology and histology, among others), in vitro and in vivo studies, forensic engineering and advice on research, development and innovation.

The BBT carries out research in three main areas:

-          Biomaterials for bone regeneration

-          Advanced metal materials and functionalisation for dental, orthopaedic and cardiovascular applications

-          Plasma for biomedical applications




Coordinating professor: Dra. Maria Pau Ginebra 93 401 77 06

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